Why Us?

We ensure our patients are satisfied with our services.

We provide the full spectrum of services listed below:
  •     Dental check up
  •     Teeth alignment and dentofacial orthopaedics
  •     Management of temperomandibular joint disorder
  •     Root canal treatment
  •     Dental materials for paediatrics
  •     Crowns and bridges
  •     Veneers
  •     Dentures
  •     Tooth removal / Third molar removal
  •     Impacted tooth removal
  •     Biopsy study
  •     Minor oral surgeries
  •     Teeth cleaning and polishing
  •     Teeth whitening
  •     Cosmetic fillings and restorations
  •     Treatment for gum diseases
  •     Dental Implants
  •     Dental Jewellery

Dental Tourism

Dental tourism at God’s own country includes experiencing the natural beauty of Kerala by the traveller while on dental treatment. With the Arabian sea in the west, the western Ghats towering 500-2000 m in the east and channelled by 44 rivers, Kerala enjoys aesthetic topographic features in Asia. As dental treatment does not require hospitalisation or long recovery time, tourists can enjoy the inter appointment and post treatment leisure time to visit any places across the state.

Dental Square has become a favoured destination for tourists, as we are located in a land that is popular for its natural beauty, arts and culture. We can tailor your dental tourism treatment package based on your budget, provide vacation guides and arrange travel and accommodation at resorts, if required.

We are right in the middle of a virgin lush green land, we are conveniently located 21 kilometres uptown of kochi and 8 kilometres east of Tripunithura. Quite adjacent to the deity spot Chottanikara, and bracing between Kanjiramattom on south skirts and Mulanthuruthy in immediate east skirts. What is more, we are so close to HILL PALACE, the head quarters of old cochin dynasty. What makes it most catchy is the rich water bodies, backed by Lagoons and back water inlets.

Thus we are sure, Dental tourism at Dental Square can be a truly rewarding experience for patients across the world, as we nurture world class expertise for quality treatment, at affordable rates, with comprehensive services and excellent communication and hospitality.

Our clinic working hours are flexible to match the requirements of the dental tourists. Appointments can be booked, based on your needs. 

We are capable of providing all your dental needs.

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